What’s your biggest challenge?

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If you’re reading this, then hopefully you have some sort of interest in travel – perhaps you’re permanently on the road, or maybe you get away a handful of times per year. You might even be thinking about heading away for the very first time. Regardless of your situation, we all face similar challenges when it comes to travel – some may be larger than others, but they still take up time and effort as we work through them.

We’ve already looked at examples such as saying goodbye to people you’ve met along the way, staying present so you don’t compare one experience to another and staying focused on the purpose behind your own travel, rather than anyone else’s.

Other challenges may be more logistical in nature, take our hitchhiking article for example – when we were in Argentina, we had to decide how to cover the 1,250km between El Bolsón and El Chaltén. As it turned out, our eventual choice ended up leading us to further obstacles that we also had to contend with, but we eventually made it to our destination!

Something that’s often out of our control when it comes to travel is getting the necessary time off work. The amount of holidays you receive per year varies from country to country and I’ve had to swap shifts, work extra hours in return for time off in lieu and take leave without pay in order to satisfy my travel addiction. Fortunately, I’ve generally had good relationships with my managers, which has made this possible.

Money is another factor that can determine whether we’re able to get away as much as we would like and unfortunately, almost aspect of travel is influenced by it – for example, where we will go, what we will do when we’re there and what type of accommodation we will stay in. We also need to take money into account, regardless of whether we want to travel for a weekend, or a year and there’s a fair chance that you’ll have to crunch some numbers at some point during the planning stage.

The above examples are just some of the issues that you may encounter, but we want to hear about your biggest challenge when it comes to travel. You can get in touch via the comments below, or our Contact page!


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