[wahynd-fuh l-nis]

Drawn from the concept of mindfulness, windfulness is the state of mind reached during all aspects of travel by focusing your consciousness with purpose, in the present moment and without judgment. This includes:

  • Acknowledging and accepting your own feelings and thoughts
  • Being aware of the feelings and thoughts of those around you
  • Making a conscious effort to be present for each travel experience
  • Enjoying each travel experience on a moment-to-moment basis

Benefits of windfulness

Mindfulnet proposes that mindfulness benefits people in a number of ways. Funnily enough, additional research suggests that travel also comes with these same added bonuses:

  • Recognising, limiting and ceasing automatic and habitual reactions
  • Responding more effectively to complex or difficult situations
  • Viewing situations more clearly
  • Becoming more creative
  • Achieving balance and resilience at work and at home

If mindfulness and travel can provide these benefits independently, just imagine combining the two!

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