Sunrise to sunset

22 April 2016 | Photos, World

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve pulled together twelve of the best sunrise and sunset photos that we’ve taken…

The photo above features sunset in Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA – leave a comment below on where your favourite sunrise or sunset took place!

Sunrise from the top of Cerro Chirripó, the highest mountain in Costa Rica
The sun sets as people cross the U Bein Bridge, near Mandalay in Myanmar
The freezing morning couldn’t overshadow this sunrise from Isla del Sol in Bolivia
One of many amazing summer sunsets we witnessed in Melbourne, Australia…
…and another
A coastal lagoon just before sunrise – Mt William National Park, North East Tasmania, Australia
An unforgettable evening at The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
We almost gave up on the sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar – five minutes later, this happened
We were also pretty lucky in Canoa, Ecuador – this took place five minutes after we jumped off the bus
I haven’t seen anything like this in Puerto Natales, Chile before or since
An amazing sunset in Palo Seco, Costa Rica


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