Road Trip: LA to Dallas

13 May 2016 | Photos, USA

Two years ago, three mates and I flew into LAX from four different places – Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane and Vancouver. Even though we had different arrival times, we somehow ended up on the same rental car shuttle from the airport, getting things off to a pretty good start…

We drove an RV from LA to Dallas over a week – here are a handful of photos from an unforgettable road trip!

We spent our first night in the parking lot at Pappy and Harriet’s, after some great food and good music

Joshua Tree National Park was our next stop – another place I’d always wanted to go

Next up was a first-time visit to Arizona

Where part of our trip followed the old Route 66

After another night in a parking lot, we woke to realise that we were only 50m from the edge of The Grand Canyon

Not a bad view to wake up to

Although, we weren’t expecting snow at the end of April

The extra couple of hours to get to Horseshoe Bend were easily worth it

As was the detour into Utah to check out Monument Valley

The Walmart parking lot in Albuquerque also served us well

Cadillac Ranch, just outside Amarillo, Texas

And we didn’t let a hurricane warning stop us from getting to Oklahoma City for our first NBA game

What’s the best road trip you’ve ever taken? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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