Dendera Temple complex

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The photo above is from the Large Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Hathor, part of the Dendera Temple complex, which is around eighty kilometres north of Luxor. Here we’ve pulled together some of our favourite photos and a short video from one of the most interesting sites that we visited during our time in Egypt.

The entrance to the complex

Harsomtus, or “Horus Uniter of the Two Lands” on the wall of the crypt under the Temple of Hathor

The ceiling of the Large Hypostyle Hall

Reliefs on the walls of a side room in the Temple of Hathor

Relief of Bes near the entrance to the complex

One of the few columns with the eyes still intact

Relief of a sacred solar ship

Cleopatra VII and her son by Julius Caesar, Caesarion on the rear outside wall of the Temple of Hathor

The mysterious Dendera light on the wall of the crypt

More reliefs on the rear outside wall of the Temple of Hathor

A short video of Dendera, backed by music from a wedding party that kicked off in the street next to our hotel in Luxor the night before!

We arranged our transport to and from Dendera through Ahmed Aco, Tour Operator.

You can contact him through his email or +20 (0) 112 0765358.


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