I’ve created this website to share some of my travel experiences from the past twelve years. With a focus on ‘mindful travel’, the articles are centred around connecting with places, being with people and embracing all aspects of travel, rather than a ‘been there, done that’ mindset.

Since first leaving Tasmania back in October 2004, I’ve managed to travel for more than one-third of my time and firmly believe that the key to being able to do so lies with budget travel.

Not only has this allowed me to travel extensively on a small amount of cash, but it’s also helped me to gain a detailed understanding of the places I’ve visited, through interacting with local people and occasionally drifting off the beaten path – experiences that led to me coining the term, Windfulness.

What exactly is budget travel? Head over to Budget Travel Hub to find out more!


Adam Sawford
Founder, Budget Travel Hub and Windfulness

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